when is it time to replace windowsReplacing the windows in your home is probably not the exciting and dramatic type of home remodeling project you really want to do, but this winter it might be the project you need to do. The truth is, windows make a huge difference in a your home’s appearance and your family’s comfort. If you have been wondering whether it is time to replace the windows in your house, read on.

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cost plus vs. fixed cost pricing in home remodeling contractsWhen a buyer signs up for a construction contract, there are two primary types of pricing models that the contract can follow. The fixed cost model gives a price upfront, taking into account an estimated cost of material and labor before the job begins. A cost plus pricing model does not establish a price prior to construction, requiring that the buyer cover the cost (whatever that may be) plus a set percentage profit upon completion. Read More →

fall home maintenance and winter preparationThe autumn season brings lower temperatures and changing colors. It is the precedent to family reunions, holiday food and new resolutions. With good tidings comes harsher weather and it is important to prepare your home exterior in order to survive the peak of winter conditions. Be sure to check for these home fall maintenance preps and improvements — they’ll make it easier to live comfortably throughout the wintry season. Read More →

Requirements to be a Georgia home remodeler contractorHomeowners have become extremely proficient at DIY home improvement projects, thanks to programs on HGTV and YouTube videos. From replacing bathroom tile to hanging drywall in that unfinished room, DIY has become the norm for home renovations. With that being said, there are some home projects that are usually too big to handle on your own. That’s why it is important to understand Georgia home remodeler requirements, so you can select a specialized contractor for projects like building a deck or installing gutters, which are strictly regulated and require rigorous safety precautions.  Read More →