One of the most important aspects to owning a home is having homeowners insurance. States do not require homeowners insurance, although if you are receiving your home mortgage through a lender, they will generally require proof of homeowners insurance to complete the mortgage lending process. Homeowners insurance protects your home against unexpected situations where your home and/or personal property could experience loss. This type of insurance is also known as property and liability insurance. Liability includes medical costs in the case someone is hurt on your property. If you are found liable for an accident on your property, homeowners insurance protects your assets. Read More →

porch styles blog - exovationsThe word “porch” conjures up all sorts of ideas. One person envisions a wrap-around, rocking-chair porch where they watch the world go by with a good book and a glass of lemonade. Another thinks of a screened porch where the family gathers for a summer barbecues. And yet another dreams of a stone terrace overlooking a backyard pool. One thing is for sure — all these porch dreams are within reach, and EXOVATIONS can help them come become reality!  Read More →