what is building to code and what are recent changes to georgia deck codeWhen having residential or commercial construction done, it is common to hear the term of ‘being built to code.’ What does this mean for your home or the public places you occupy? Building something to code means a builder and building contractor followed a collection of laws, regulations, ordinances or other statutory requirements. These rules are adopted by the governmental legislative authority that is involved in assuring the adequacy of the physical structures and healthy conditions of buildings, homes and objects. Read More →

What are seamless gutters?Gutters are often times overlooked by home owners but are one of the most important aspects to a home’s overall construction. Every home needs gutters for the main purpose of diverting water away from the foundation of the home. Traditional gutters that have not been properly installed can allow water to wash away the grading of the home, water then absorbs into the foundation, creating a big problem to the construction of the home. Read More →