roof damage - don't fall prey to storm chasersReplacing your roof is a huge responsibility that homeowners and contractors should not take lightly. Your roof is the most important element for protecting your home. If your home has suffered roof damage from wind, hail or storms, it is imperative you choose a certified roofing contractor to complete your roof replacement.

Beyond the design of your roof and the roof materials, choosing a contractor you can trust is the most important factor to completing the project. These two factors are only one part of the equation. This is why it is best to choose a company with an exceptional reputation and proper licensing.

Storm Chasers
If you live in an area that is prone to hail damage or severe weather, beware of storm chasers who travel from state to state completing home repairs. Here are a few ways to help you and your neighbors spot a storm chaser:

  • Look for out of state license plates or an out of state driver’s license – this is one of the first signs you have been approached by a storm chaser.
  • Storm chasers generally work from door to door, implementing high pressure sales techniques while offering a ‘free roof.’
  • Storm chasers usually collect a homeowner’s insurance claim check for payment, often committing insurance fraud while doing so.
  • Contracts are a tool storm chaser use, asking the homeowner to sign up front and collecting payment with it.
  • Storm chasers have no proof of manufacturer’s certifications – this is why choosing a certified contractor is so important.
  • Storm chasers are usually not listed with your state’s Better Business Bureau and if they are have several or hundreds of complaints filed against them.

Choosing the right contractor
When storm chasers complete a job, they are off to the next storm-ravaged area and take your ‘warranty’ with them. Always make sure the company you consider to complete your roofing project not only has a business license, but a contractor’s license issued by your state. This ensures the contractor is held liable by your state’s licensing board in case of a dispute. Also, use social platforms and check out sites such as Kudzu or Angie’s List. These are easy ways to read both good and bad individual experiences.

If you suspect roof damage from recent hail or a severe storm, never trust a storm chaser to inspect the damage. The best way to have your roof inspected for damage is to file a claim and leave it to your insurance company to inspect the damage. Insurance companies have trained and insured catastrophe specialists that are able to determine whether or not the roof requires repair or replacement.

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Your home’s roof is an extensive investment and the first line of defense against the environment. This year, severe thunderstorms are predicted to be above average for central states in May and June than previous years past. If you are in the Atlanta area, trust your exterior home renovations will be done right with EXOVATIONS.

It is important to prepare yourself with the knowledge needed to replace your roof. After all, your roof protects you and your family. For more information on roof replacement, contact EXOVATIONS for a free consultation.

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  1. It’s sad how some people still intend to victimize the victims. That’s really cold and heartless of them. And thanks to your blog for point out the signs of these storm chasers. Hope more people are aware about these details!

  2. The weather this spring has been brutal! I’ve had many of my shingles blow off, and my roof has started to leak. I’m trying to find the proper roof repairman to hire, but it’s been a daunting task because they’re all booked with other customers.

    Alex Jennings |

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