Atlanta Habitat for Humanity seeks to ensure that all people have access to quality, affordable housing in safe neighborhoods. This year, consumer advocate and media personality Clark Howard has joined forces with Atlanta Habitat and EXOVATIONS® to bring volunteers to the 2018 winter build. Now through March 1, participants can help build a home on Humphries Drive near Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

“EXOVATIONS is not only honored to be part of Clark Howard’s quest to build four more homes for Habitat for Humanity this winter, but we felt led to take this action and give back to our community,” shared Roone Unger, owner of EXOVATIONS.

How it works

What goes into building a home? Atlanta Habitat typically works a 7-day cycle, completing a home very quickly.

Here’s how Habitat for Humanity and volunteers like you can build a home in only seven days:

  • Day 1 - Exterior and interior walls are built, floors are laid and the roof and front porch are framed.

  • Day 2 - Windows and exterior trim are installed, and interior framing is completed. The house is set up for siding work to begin.

  • Day 3 - It's time for roof shingles and insulation. Siding work continues.

  • Day 4 - Siding and caulking are finished, and painting begins, both inside and out.

  • Day 5 - More painting! Baseboards, window sills, interior trim and cabinets are installed.

  • Day 6 - We're ready for touching up the paint, completing the porch and installing doorknobs and bathroom fixtures. So close!

  • Day 7 - Cleaning and final finishing touches to the inside are completed. The outside is tidied up and landscaping is added. And then, it's time for dedicating to the new home, recognizing the volunteers and handing over the keys to the delighted new homeowners!

Despite the speed at which the home is built, it is carefully constructed with top-notch workmanship. EXOVATIONS is known for its unique remodeling process, which includes constant communication, attention to detail, and superior organization, that delivers projects on schedule, on budget, and about as stress-free as can be expected in construction – something that's critically important with a project on such a tight deadline.

“Our company provides our customers a stress-free exterior remodeling experience, but the families who will soon occupy these Habitat for Humanity Homes aren’t worried about whether or not their home is built on-time, on-budget and without the craziness that construction usually offers,” EXOVATIONS owner Roone Unger says. “For them, it’s about the stress of getting a roof over their family--a kind of stress many of us have not experienced but could so easily find ourselves facing.  This project, for us, is a reminder that we’re all incredibly blessed and that we have the unique opportunity to now bless others.”

Should you volunteer?

Even if you don't have experience in construction, you can still volunteer. Organizers will provide onsite training and don’t require that volunteers don’t have building experience, only that they can take direction and observe safety rules. EXOVATIONS will assist Atlanta Habitat construction supervisors to make sure the work gets done properly.

There are multiple benefits to volunteering, as participants not only get the chance to help a family in need, but can connect with other volunteers and learn about construction—skills they can use on their own home.

Doors, windows, cladding, roofing, gutters – these are repair areas that homeowners must often deal with and yet typically lack the knowledge to fix on their own. Ensuring high-quality work on your home can be a guessing game, one that can have expensive consequences if you guess wrong. Do your research to better understand which projects to tackle yourself and which are best left to the professionals. If you decide to hire a contractor for any work on your home, be sure they are a certified contractor with a current State of Georgia contractor’s license, are fully bonded and insured and have earned a significant number of independent, positive reviews.  You should also have a written contract that details the scope of work and materials and a clear completion plan.  These steps can save you from making costly mistakes when hiring contractors for you own home.

Some of the Specifics

Release and Waiver of Liability:

Every volunteer is required to register online and agree to Atlanta Habitat's work release form before they can begin helping on the construction site. If you are under 18 years old, you must print and bring a copy of the form signed by your guardian to the build site.

Workday Schedule:

Breakfast and registration begin at 7:30am; the workday starts at 7:45am SHARP and ends around 3:30pm. It's crucial that all volunteers arrive on time, as important daily instructions are given then. If you miss the morning meeting, you might not be allowed to work that day. Lunch will be served around noon at the site.

Lunch, Drinks and Snacks:

A free catered lunch is always provided for our volunteers, along with hot coffee, soft drinks, water and snacks. There is typically a vegetarian option provided.

Construction Policies:

No one under the age of 16 is allowed on site – no exceptions. Volunteers ages 16 and 17 must have a parent or guardian sign their Release and Waiver of Liability.

No smoking allowed on site.

Report all injuries to your houseleader immediately to be eligible for secondary health coverage.

Weather Conditions:

Atlanta Habitat works rain or shine! Workdays are not typically canceled in advance due to adverse weather conditions. If rain or other problems persist, the decision will be made to shorten the workday on site by the houseleader. But everyone should come prepared to work for the entire day. After Day 3 in the schedule, there is enough inside work for all volunteers in case of inclement weather.

Visit Clark Howard’s website to learn more about his Habitat for Humanity project with EXOVATIONS.

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