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Commonly asked contractor questions

EXOVATIONS® was founded in 1996 in Cumming, Georgia. The original company owner still owns and manages EXOVATIONS today. The owners of EXOVATIONS have a comprehensive knowledge of the home improvement & remodeling industry. That professional knowledge and passion for your home, and our industry, is the common thread that joins all EXOVATIONS employees.

EXOVATIONS serves the entire metro Atlanta area including North Georgia and South Atlanta.

Your remodeling project's success will be largely determined by choosing the right contractor. The advice in this article will help you choose the right contractor and ensure that your remodeling experience is a positive one. The following section lists important qualifications you should look for when hiring a contractor.

Construction and Technical Expertise

Look for a home improvement contractor who specializes in the type of project you are interested in. A contractor who is familiar with your type of project will understand important issues, such as the material specifications and the scheduling required to finish the job within your timetable. A well-established home improvement contractor should also have an in-depth structural knowledge of the homes in your community. The more familiar a contractor is with your style of home, the better equipped he is to deal with structural issues that may arise during construction. Also, a contractor who is familiar with the structure of your home can give you a more reliable estimate than a contractor who is not familiar with your type of home. A contractor should also be able to tell you what products and materials he would likely use for your project. He should also offer you several options when selecting products, materials, and techniques.

Customer Service and Communication

It is very important for a home improvement contractor to listen to, and understand your needs and wants. While discussing your home remodeling project, he should show enthusiasm for your ideas and suggest ways to make them work within your budget. A contractor should also alleviate any concerns you may have about your remodeling project. Ask the contractor for examples of how he has solved home improvement challenges that are similar to yours.

Be sure your contractor maintains a permanent phone line for easy communication. You will have questions and concerns during your project, and you will want to have them addressed as soon as possible. Communication is a key component in a successful customer/contractor relationship.

Look for a contractor who places an emphasis on customer service. He should be friendly, professional, and attentive to your ideas. When you check a contractor's references ask questions concerning the contractor's customer service. Previous customers can tell you if the contractor offers the customer service you deserve.

Without a written contract for your home improvement project, there is no way to ensure that your expectations of product, installation, project scope and pricing are being met.

Remember that proposals from different remodeling contractors may look as different as apples and oranges! Don't be shy about asking any contractor to clarify the proposal. Ask lots of questions and each contractor the same questions for consistency. Insist upon a written proposal. Examine it to make sure you think it is complete and fair. Do not settle for an oral agreement on any of the work to be performed. Have the contractor document all points clearly in writing. At EXOVATIONS, our detailed proposal becomes our contract so that you can clearly see what you are getting and what it costs. No surprises.

The price you have been quoted is the price you will pay. EXOVATIONS does not believe in hiding anything from you. However, nobody will be able to determine the condition of hidden elements of your home. For example, if there are any rotted or damaged framing members concealed in your walls, EXOVATIONS does not simply cover up and conceal these items from you. You will be given the opportunity to personally inspect these areas and you will be given a price for repairs before you ever incur any charges. There will never be any surprise charges that you have not been made aware of and have not authorized.

EXOVATIONS offers a Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all labor performed. Our warranty is even transferable. It truly is the very best in the business! We meet and often exceed all manufacturer's specifications thereby insuring that all your products that we install will be backed by the manufacturer's full warranty.

EXOVATIONS has a 2 million dollar general liability insurance policy along with full workers compensation insurance that covers everyone from the first person to the last person working on your home. You will be provided a copy of our Certificate of Insurance. You are encouraged to call the phone number listed on that certificate to verify coverage.

Each and every home improvement project that EXOVATIONS does, no matter what the size, is overseen by a highly knowledgeable and professional Project Manager. Shortly after you approve the contract you will be contacted to set up an appointment with your Project Manager. This meeting is referred to as the “pre walk”.

Your Project Manager will meet with you and go over every step of the project to confirm exactly what is going to be done. At that time your Project Manager will give you a written schedule of events that include everything from material and equipment delivery dates, to when each and every phase will start and be completed. Your Project Manager will even schedule a date and time when you will meet with him to final walk your project and insure your total and complete satisfaction. This last quality control meeting with you and your Project Manager is referred to as the “final walk”.

Your Project Manager will even confirm the style and colors of the home improvement products EXOVATIONS is installing on your home. Also at that time your Project Manager will take your completed Paint Selection Sheet.

Your EXOVATIONS Project Manager is there for more than just the pre walk and final walk. He is your primary contact for all phases. You will be given your Project Manager's cell phone number so that you may contact him any time you have the need to do so. Your Project Manager will conduct on site inspections of every phase of your project from start to finish.

Emphatically, Yes! EXOVATIONS® is a drug free work place. We have picked what we feel are the very best personnel to join our home improvement team. All our employees and installers participate in ongoing technical training to ensure that the most current standards are being followed.

EXOVATIONS creates a good working environment through steady work, good pay and benefits and a stable Company Profile. All this contributes to happy and healthy motivated workers that are there to serve you.

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