EXOVATIONS® is one of the largest home improvement contractors in Atlanta, Georgia and we are currently seeking franchise candidates to capture this exploding market opportunity in other markets across the United States.

If you want business ownership, you know your way around a construction site, you have a good head for business, and you are both sales and service oriented, then it may be time to renovate your future through an EXOVATIONS franchise.

Franchise Ownership Benefits

As an EXOVATIONS' franchise owner, you avoid the trial and error involved in creating a viable home improvement business by using our proven and successful system. One of the key differences between EXOVATIONS and all other home improvement and remodeling contractors is process. We have created a customer focused process that begins with the way we schedule our appointments all the way through the conclusion of a customer's project. As a franchisee, you will benefit from applying our proven processes to your market. The foundation of the EXOVATIONS' system is our proprietary technology called ExoTek™. As an industry first, EXOVATIONS developed this integrated software application to create greater efficiencies and effectiveness for the entire remodeling process. From scheduling a sales appointment, to generating the final invoice, to creating future marketing and sales opportunities, ExoTek™ is a key component of our competitive edge.

EXOVATIONS® franchise support areas


  • Sales appointment scheduling of inquiries generated thru marketing and advertising are scheduled by us to help you keep your overhead low.
  • Sales appointments are scheduled using our proprietary Lead Communications System (LCS). LCS gives users a detailed script to insure we capture all the necessary information from a prospect. It includes questions that help better qualify the prospect.
  • LCS captures pertinent information that tracks sales and advertising return on investments.
  • Automated emails generated from LCS are delivered to the sales consultant, customer, and office manager when a sales appointment is scheduled. LCS connects to Microsoft Outlook and enters the appointment information into the assigned sales consultant’s calendar.
  • An automated email generated from LCS is delivered to the customer 24 hours prior to the appointment as a reminder of the day and time of the appointment the following day.
  • An automated follow up email generated from LCS is sent (from the President) 3 days after the sales appointment.

Sales and Marketing

  • We professionally design and develop printed magazine ads, public relations materials, marketing campaigns and sales materials. We also produce radio and television ads.
  • Our website is very comprehensive and we constantly seek to increase our search engine rankings with increased content and pictures.
  • Our sales consultation is not a “one call close” process. It is educational, consultative, and informative for the prospect all leading back to how we do business and less about the products we offer. This is the new way of in home sales in today’s market.
  • All orders are entered by the sales consultant into our proprietary Order Processing System (OPS). OPS leads a user through entering an order for all job types, helps calculate material quantities as well as all labor and material costs and the gross margin.
  • OPS uses customer data information captured from LCS. LCS and OPS work together to offer a complete set of reports that include: number of appointments for each consultant, number of sales for each consultant, number of appointments from each advertising source, number of sales from each advertising source, total revenue generated from each advertising source and each sales consultant, closing percentages, and more.


  • Our operational efficiency centers on our ExoTek™ scheduling system. Our project managers, using our scheduling system, schedule each project with the customer detailing the delivery dates of material, the different crews start and finish dates, and the “final walk”.
  • Using our Customer Communications Portal (CCP) the project schedules are posted on our website. The Customer Communications Portal (CCP) provides project status reports to team members as well as an online portal for customers to check the status, progress, and timeline for their project. This helps reduce phone calls to the office and project manager.
  • The scheduling system is implemented throughout our organization from purchasing, receiving, accounting, project management, and crews.
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