How to turn a have to replacement project into a want to remodel project

siding rot, weathered door, drafty windowsReplacing a home’s windows, siding and doors due to problems with rotting, warping or swelling often feels like a project that homeowners NEED to do, instead of a project that they WANT to do. The idea of spending money simply replacing the bad with its new replacement may seem like it’s all about getting rid of the rot, but it can actually be about getting the curb appeal you’ve always wanted.

If you NEED to replace your home’s exterior and you plan to spend the money required for the project, then make those same dollars work harder for you by finding ideas to change up the design style so that you actually turn a replacement project into an exterior facelift. The truth is, with good planning and an insightful contractor; you can easily turn a “need to” replacement project into a “want to” remodeling project … without a significant difference in cost.

Let’s look at siding.  If your home is currently all lap siding(horizontal bands of siding from top to bottom), then consider a new siding design that uses a combination of lap siding, shake siding, a wide horizontal trim band, and a new color palette.  If you want to take it a step further, consider adding a stacked stone water table to your home to give your new siding even more dimension.

how to turn a siding replacement project into a beautiful remodel project

When replacing your windows, consider applying a different light arrangement.  Simply selecting a different grid pattern than the standard 6 over 6 light arrangement allows your windows to actually help create a new style for your home’s exterior.  In addition, consider changing the window style from double hung to casements, for a more Craftsman look.

how to turn a window replacement project into remodel project

With doors, there’s a world of options that can turn a simple replacement into a stunning remodel.  Convert your single door with transom and sidelights into double doors, adding natural light to your foyer and creating warmth to your front entry.  Need to replace windows on your deck or patio?  Consider converting them into patio doors.

It’s all in the details.  Adding a new style of shutters, window pediments or a door pediment are very affordable ways to make your replacement project look even more like a remodeling project.  Adding a decorative eyebrow or shed roof above your garage door is another head turning improvement.

So, if you have rotting siding, windows or doors, don’t just replace it, replace it with EXOVATIONS.

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