ALUMINUM Clad Windows

Clad windows feature beautiful, genuine wood where you want it and long-lasting, weather-resistant durablity where you need it!  Better yet, EXOVATIONS will install your new clad windows on time, on budget and without all of the stress you usually hear about in construction.

Tough on the outside.
Elegant on the inside.

These beautiful genuine wood windows offer a protective aluminum layer on the exterior side for long-lasting durability and the fine look of real wood on the interior of your home (where you want it most).

While other replacement windows come in very limited sizes, styles and options, aluminum-clad wood windows give you almost unlimited choices. So you can match your existing decor, or redo any room with the look you’ve always wanted.

What you see on the outside

Mold, rot, termites and carpenter ants can literally destroy wood windows. So replacing your windows with a no-rot material is not only a sound investment, but with the introduction of aluminum-clad wood windows, it is now a viable option for those homeowners desiring real wood.

Our aluminum-clad wood replacement window is constructed in 100% real wood, but then the exterior of the window is fully encased in .05” extruded Aluminum-Cladding. It’s at least twice as thick at our competitors’ roll-form cladding. That makes our Aluminum-Clad windows tougher, stronger, more durable, and more dent-resistant.

Say good-bye to painting the exterior side of your windows. We offer 15 standard cladding colors that were selected to enhance almost any home design. We also offer five extra-durable anodized aluminum finishes or we can custom match any color you can imagine. Our color finish resists chipping, fading and denting.


  • Exterior clad with .050” extruded aluminum
  • Natural pine interior standard. Prime, paint or stain optional.
  • Alternate wood species optional
  • CoreGuard wood treatment
  • Basic jamb width 4-9/16”

What you see on the inside

Nothing beats the natural warmth and beauty of genuine wood. Our aluminum-clad wood replacement windows feature select wood interiors with Aluminum-Clad exteriors.

But our windows aren’t just any wood. We offer customers a choice of nine beautiful wood options, including Maple, Mahogany and Cherry.

We also offer superb factory finish options in staining and coating using state-of-the-art equipment that achieves a perfect finish with advanced durability.

Aluminum-Clad windows offer you real wood where you want it and long-lasting, weather resistant durablity where you need it!

The Best Wood Protection in the Industry

The wood in our clad windows is protected to the very core by CoreGuard™. It’s the best wood treatment in the window industry, and only our windows have it. CoreGuard actually penetrates through the entire cross section of wood.

CoreGuard is patented, proven, naturally organic, and environmentally friendly.

CoreGuard Warranty

Our Options are Wide Open

Our line of premium clad wood windows is nearly a limitless range of operating styles, shapes and decorator choices to match every taste and every home.

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Our Work

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