Working at EXOVATIONS®

EXOVATIONS of Atlanta team

Want to know what our customers say is the main reason EXOVATIONS is better than other home improvement contractors? Countless reviews, testimonials, referrals and surveys site OUR PEOPLE as the fuel behind our difference, our results and customer satisfaction.

We could not be prouder of that fact, because it is by no accident. At EXOVATIONS, we recognize that in order to achieve the results we want, that we must have the combination of the right people in the right jobs.

EXOVATIONS Hiring Philosophy

At EXOVATIONS, we hire the kind of people that we know can and will produce the results our customers are looking for. Our team of full-time, part-time and contractor professionals are each selected based on a set of stringent criterion including:

Does this person have the attitude to succeed?

Does this person have the skills and talents needed for the job? Are they coachable to learn other skills and/or hone the ones that they have?

Does this person have a strong work ethic and a passion for results?

In addition, we require a mandatory drug screening, as EXOVATIONS is a drug-free work environment.

Once hired, EXOVATIONS trains each team member on our unique processes and equips them with the tools and resources needed for success.

Ready to become part of our award-winning team? take the next step by completing our online employment application.

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