How We're Different

Our unique process delivers on-time, on-budget, stress-free remodeling experiences, which is what our customers say makes us truly different than any other contractor.

Stress-Free Remodeling

Our home improvement process gives homeowners an on-time, on-budget remodeling project with a surprisingly easy, stress-free renovation experience from start to finish.

To better understand how we are different than other contractors, please see the over 1,000 5-star customer reviews we have received.

What Sets Us Apart

Here are just a few of the things our customers will tell you that you can expect when working with EXOVATIONS®:


Educational and consultative style

we inform homeowners...not pressure them

We find that the more our customers learn about their options, the better informed their decisions are. That's why we want to make sure that we understand exactly what you are looking for so that we can provide the remodeling products and services that deliver what you expected.


Detailed, written contract

you know exactly what is being done and how much it will cost

We are amazed by how many contractors simply tell homeowners about their remodeling project and the price without any of the details written down. At EXOVATIONS, your quote becomes your contract, which assures you that the scope of the project and the price will be exactly what was agreed to. No surprises!


Assigned project manager

the guy who makes sure everything runs as expected

Once you have made the decision to renovate, you will be assigned an EXOVATIONS project manager. He will walk-through your contract with you before any work starts to ensure that everything is 100% accurate.

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Written project schedule

we think you should know when we're coming and when the work will be complete

Your project manager will provide you with a written project schedule showing you when workers will be at your home and what work they will be doing. We also provide you a finish date and a final walk through appointment.


24/7 project status

keep track of your project details online

We understand that homeowners want to have daily updates on their remodeling projects. That's why we provide you with a unique login on our website so you can see your project status whenever you like.


Constant communication

when things happen, you'll know about them

Inclement weather, traffic and unforeseen circumstances happen, but at EXOVATIONS we don't keep you guessing. Your project manager calls you each day of the project to confirm the day's events and any changes if necessary.


Attention to detail

we keep a watchful eye on every phase of the project

Mistakes happen, but if they do on an EXOVATIONS project, they will be corrected at our expense, not yours. In order to keep mistakes from happening, your project manager will make frequent trips to check work quality and accuracy. Their standards are very high, so we oftentimes correct things that homeowners do not even think is a problem. At your final walk-through, your project manager will show you every detail of the work performed.


Total protection

licensed, bonded, and insured, plus a limited lifetime workmanship warranty

Most homeowners do not understand the liability they open themselves up to when hiring an unlicensed, uninsured contractor. What seemed like a cheap project can tragically turn into your worst financial nightmare with everything from medical bills for uninsured workers to damage to your home to liens on your home for bills that you already paid.

Our Workmanship Warranty

Our Design Center

You'll see the plans and dreams you have for your home all come together at the EXOVATIONS Design Center in Marietta, GA.

From Dream Home to Your Home

Don't you love watching HGTV designers turn outdated homes into a family's Dream Home? Wouldn't you LOVE a designer to do that for YOUR HOME?

Guess what? WE DO THAT!

EXOVATIONS has designed and installed new exterior facades, updating the curb appeal of thousands of homes in Georgia. As part of our remodeling process, we create and present designs of what your home will look like, after the project, (we call it EXOvision™) ... in 3D (just like on the shows) ... and NOW, at our beautiful, new Design Center located in the Paper Mill Village in Marietta.

We're excited to present YOU what YOUR home COULD look!

When it Comes to Remodeling, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Every day, customers ask us to change their home's appearance from something they dread to something they love. Sound like you?

Our EXOvision Design Process understands that in remodeling, a picture is always worth a thousand words.

First, one of our friendly, no-pressure, Sales Consultants will meet with you, at your home, to discuss your plans, ideas and budget considerations. To help the ideas flowing, we'll show you pictures of several homes we've transformed. We'll take detailed measurements and pictures.

Our Architectural Designer will then transform your dreams and ideas into a stunning design. Then, you'll meet with us at our new Design Center where your home's brand new look will be revealed, in full 3D. At that time, we'll discuss your detailed quote, confirm materials, colors and all of those fun details. Upon your approval, we'll then get to work on your home's amazing transformation.

Seeing your home's new appearance BEFORE you sign your contract, takes the guesswork out, giving you confidence that you are getting what you envisioned for your home.

EXOVISION™: Letting You See your Renovation
Before You Commit 

Step Image Step Image Step Image

Experience Stress-Free Remodeling

Our unique process delivers on-time, on-budget, stress-free remodeling experiences, which is what our customers say makes us truly different than any other contractor.

Our home improvement process gives homeowners an on-time, on-budget remodeling project with a surprisingly easy, stress-free renovation experience from start to finish.

For starters, the fact that we even have a process that is documented and followed by all of our trained team members is somewhat unique in the remodeling industry. Add on the fact that we put customer satisfaction at the focus of every step of our process, you will soon see why customers keep coming back.

From educating our customers about our many choices of material manufacturers, styles, and options, to providing them with an EXOVATIONS-employed project manager who manages the project schedule to the quoted completion date and price, to having 24/7 access to our project website, EXOVATIONS is positively changing the remodeling experience and the way you'll think about home improvement projects.

After 24 years and thousands of completed projects, our customers are still surprised to find a contractor who shows up on time, respects their property, and focuses on solutions rather than high-pressure sales. However, what they really value most is our ability to deliver on-time, on-budget renovation projects that increase their home's curb appeal without all the stress that is commonly experienced in remodeling. Delivering exceptional craftsmanship with unexpected ease is what we do. Our customers say EXOVATIONS is the way remodeling should be done.


The EXOVATIONS Code of Conduct

All EXOVATIONS team members adhere to our own Code Of Conduct when at your home.

This sign is posted at all of our project sites, reminding homeowners of our team members pledge of maintaining a safe, family work environment and respecting your property and your neighborhood.

The image pictured here is a copy of the actual sign found at every EXOVATIONS' job site.

Proof of Our


Nothing describes the value of our renovation process better than reviews from our customers and pictures of our work.

Icon for EXOVATIONS® Competitive Price Guarantee*

EXOVATIONS® Competitive Price Guarantee*

As one of the largest home improvement and remodeling contractors in Atlanta, Georgia, EXOVATIONS is able to purchase products at the lowest possible prices. This benefits our customer by allowing us to offer the highest quality, name brand products at the most competitive prices.

We are confident that our pricing is the best price you will find for the same materials and job specifications. And to prove it, EXOVATIONS offers a Competitive Price Guarantee.

Should you ever receive a better proposal price than ours, you are entitled to receive their price less 3% with us for the same job*.

Not sure how to compare remodel prices? Our price comparison guide will help you know what you are getting and if the price is fair.

*Guarantee Program Requirements

In order to receive this special discount we require that the competitive quote meet ALL of the following requirements:


Provide competitor's written proposal

Must be a written proposal for the same project materials and installation specifications on company letterhead with detailed description of product and work to be performed.


Provide competitor's business address

Company must have a physical office or business location. Home offices and PO mailing addresses do not qualify as a competitive contractor.


Provide competitor's warranties

Company must offer a comparable material warranty and a comparable workmanship warranty.

Our Warranties

Provide competitor's state license number

Company must have a current State of Georgia Contractor's license. It must be verified and not expired.


Provide copy of competitor's insurance policies

Company must have Workman's Compensation insurance and $1,000,000 General Liability insurance certificates. These must be current policies and not expired.


Show proof of competitor's business history

Company must have been in business for more than 5 years.

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This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.


Our team is dedicated to providing stress-free home exterior services on time and on budget. As a Georgia-based company, we have worked for years throughout these cities and their surrounding areas, building a reputation as a trustworthy remodeling company that customers can rely on. Our friendly staff is here to provide suggestions and resources to ensure the job gets done in the most efficient manner, so you can save time and energy when tackling your next project.

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