You'll see the plans and dreams you have for your home all come together at the EXOVATIONS Design Center in Marietta, GA.

EXOVATIONS Design Center in Marietta

Don’t you love watching HGTV designers turn outdated homes into a family’s Dream Home? Wouldn’t you LOVE a designer to do that for YOUR HOME?

Guess what? WE DO THAT!

EXOVATIONS has designed and installed new exterior facades, updating the curb appeal of thousands of homes in Georgia. As part of our remodeling process, we create and present designs of what your home will look like, after the project, (we call it EXOvision™) ... in 3D (just like on the shows) ... and NOW, at our beautiful, new Design Center located in the Paper Mill Village in Marietta.

We’re excited to present YOU what YOUR home COULD look!



When it Comes to Remodeling, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

EXOVISION architectural rendering

Every day, customers ask us to change their home’s appearance from something they dread to something they love. Sound like you?

Our EXOvision Design Process understands that in remodeling, a picutre is always worth a thousand words.

First, one of our friendly, no-pressure, Sales Consultants will meet with you, at your home, to discuss your plans, ideas and budget considerations. To help the ideas flowing, we’ll show you pictures of several homes we’ve transformed. We’ll take detailed measurements and pictures.

Our Architectural Designer will then transform your dreams and ideas into a stunning design. Then, you’ll meet with us at our new Design Center where your home’s brand new look will be revealed, in full 3D. At that time, we’ll discuss your detailed quote, confirm materials, colors and all of those fun details. Upon your approval, we’ll then get to work on your home’s amazing transformation.

Seeing your home’s new appearance BEFORE you sign your contract, takes the guesswork out, giving you confidence that you are getting what you envisioned for your home.


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