Exterior Facelift

See Your Home's New Look BEFORE the Renovation with EXOVISION™.

Changing the complete look of a home's exterior is one of the most dramatic remodeling projects that we do, and possibly the one most treasured by our customers. EXOVATIONS® offers such a wide variety of home improvement products and installation services that we can virtually give your home an entire exterior makeover. If you choose EXOVATIONS as your partner, you will be working with a team who has earned several prestigious industry awards for our exterior facelift projects.

Why Homeowners Should Consider An Exterior Facelift

EXOVATIONS extreme makeovers

We often focus solely on updating the inside of a home and leave the outside alone. However, the exterior is just as important to consider. Creating “curb appeal” is real estate language for making a good first impression. We drive out of our driveway every day and forget what we thought about our house the first time we saw it. When you bought your home, you definitely considered its curb appeal, or the potential of it. Giving a home an exterior facelift is an investment worth making. Your return on investment is the promise of increasing your home’s value, less maintenance with rot proof materials, cost saving efficiency, overall increased curb appeal and the enjoyment of your “new” home.

For many homes, just changing the front door would be a fantastic improvement! It doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, updating the exterior can be far less complicated than redoing a kitchen. Follow a before and after plan and create a vision for what you hope to achieve with the changes to come. To simplify and streamline the process even further, use of an architectural rendering of your house with all of the propsed changes. An architectural rendering is a wonderful way to help you visualize and know for sure you are getting the look you want and see what the final result will be.

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When it Comes to Remodeling, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

EXOVISION architectural rendering

Whether you know exactly how you want to update your home's curb appeal or you're still looking for ideas, you will most likely use pictures of homes on the Internet, pictures of homes in magazines, or pictures of homes in your neighborhood to help you determine the design you desire for your home. At EXOVATIONS®, we strongly encourage our clients to use pictures to describe their desired new look for their home, because in remodeling, the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" most definitely rings true. While we work closely with our clients to design a remodel that meets their wants, needs and their home's style, words alone never provide the confirmation that a picture can. Having a picture of desired new features, materials, styles and colors, ensures that both client and contractor share the same vision of the final outcome. However, pictures of other homes cannot provide homeowners an exact sense of what the remodel will look like on their own house. That's where our EXOvision™ design process comes in.

After the initial design consultation, EXOVATIONS offers homeowners the opportunity to actually see what the changes will look like on their home through an architectural rendering. The rendering will show all of the changes you envision and even some you may not have considered. With four EXOvision options, varying from a partial sketch to a full blown 3D rendering, our clients can choose which level of detail they need to help them see their home's future transformation. The partial sketch is complimentary and the other options are available for a refundable*, up-front fee as long as you decide to partner with EXOVATIONS for the remodeling project. EXOvision is a wonderful way to help you visualize your project while providing you the confidence of knowing you are getting the look you want and what the final result will be.

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See Your Home's New Look BEFORE the Renovation with EXOVISION™.

EXOVISION architectural rendering design process logo

Looking to give your home's elevation a dramatic transformation, but wish that you could see it first? Discover the EXOVATIONS™ design process that lets you do just that. Discover EXOVISION™.

Do you have big ideas for your home? EXOVATIONS® has a system to help you visualize your ideas BEFORE we actually start any of the renovation work. Through our EXOVISION™ design process, we will take the guess work out of how your home will be transformed, giving you peace of mind and the confidence to put those plans into action. Our team will listen to your ideas, offer a few of their own, and then our architectural designer will prepare a rendering of your home as it will appear after the renovation.

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EXOVATIONS Partial Sketch rendering

Partial Sketch

Sometimes a rough sketch of a new portico, deck, porch, siding or decorative accents is all it takes for homeowners to "see" their home's new look. EXOVATIONS designs a free partial sketch for clients needing help visualizing the project.

All partial sketches are property of EXOVATIONS.

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full color sketch rendering

Full Sketch

When considering remodeling existing porticos, porches or decks, many homeowners find that a full color sketch provides them with the picture they need to confirm that the design in their head is what they see on paper.

For an upfront, refundable fee*, EXOVATIONS can provide you a full sketch of your home's transformation.

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EXOVATIONS full scale 3D rendering

Full Scale 3D

For homeowners wanting to see a complete view of the renovation for their home's front, side and/or rear elevations, the Full Scale 3D EXOvision is for them. This custom three dimensional rendering is a more accurate illustration of your home, detailing all of the elements in the proposed design.

A refundable up-front fee is required for this option.*

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