Window Styles & Options

When replacing or adding new windows to your home, you should explore the wide array of window styles available to determine what will provide the best appearance and functionality for your home and lifestyle. A wide array of window styles and options are available for every style of home and every budget.

An Overview of the Most Popular Window Styles

Double Hung Window Atlanta

Double Hung Windows

Made up of two sashes of glass that operate up and down, the double hung window is often considered the traditional American window. Most new windows are designed for the sashes to tilt in for easy cleaning. Depending on what kind of window you choose, you may get a ½ screen or full screen on a double hung window.
Casement Window Atlanta

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are a great replacement window option as they allow the maximum ventillation. These windows crank open and offer air flow through the entire space. Casement screens are installed on the interior of the house.
french casement window

French Casement Windows

French Casement Windows are a European-styled casement window featuring two operating windows that open outward using a crank handle. There is no center post, providing an unobstructed view when the windows are open.

Awning Window Atlanta

Awning Windows

Similar to casement windows, awning windows hinge at the top and open toward the outside from the bottom. Awning windows are typically located in cellars or basements with limited exterior wall space.
Sliding Window Atlanta

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a great solution to a large opening where the width is greater than the height. When replacing a large metal window, often a sliding window will fill the space nicely. Sliding windows should operate smoothly. They come as 2-lite sliders, with two glass panels that both slide, or as 3-lite sliders with two sliding panels and a stationary center pane. Most sliders can be upgraded to tilt in for easy clean. You may choose a half screen or full screen on sliding windows.
Garden Window Atlanta

Garden Windows

The perfect solution for over a kitchen sink, a garden window provides shelves for flowerpots, herbs, or decorative accents. Garden windows generally have crank-out sides for ventilation.
Bay Window

Bay and Bow Windows

A bay window or bow window adds dimension to your room. Both bay windows and bow windows project outside the plane of the exterior wall. They often combine operable and non-operating windows, and have a seat board at the bottom.
Palladian Window Atlanta

Picture Windows

While they are not operable, picture windows allow a great deal of light into a room, can make a room appear larger, and allow you to showcase a beautiful exterior view. Picture windows are found in many different sizes and configurations. New energy efficient replacement windows can be made into any shape needed to match originals, including Arch, Palladian, Octagon, Trapezoid and Circle shapes.

Window Grid Options

Most older windows are a single piece of glass divided by grids. Those windows are called True Divided Light (TDL). Since single pane windows are not energy efficient, new windows are constructed with double pand glass and grids that do not actually divide the glass. Grid options include:

Grids Between the Glass (GBG)

This style is popular in modern windows because it creates the look of a divided light window while offering easy cleaning. GBG grids are often available in contoured or flat.

Snap in Grids

Snap in Grids also give the traditional look of divided light windows, but give homeowners the option to remove the grids. Snap-in grids are popular on windows where you have a custom paint color or stain on the interior side of windows that you want the grids to match exactly.

Simulated DividedLite (SDL)

Simulated Divided Lite windows are the most similar to true divided lite windows; they are also the most expensive of the grid options.  SDL grids are most popular on older homes where window replacement is needed for energy efficiency, but maintaining the original look of the home is also important.  SDL grids are applied outside the glass on both the interior and exterior, and often a spacer or shadow bar is added between the glass panes so that the grids look more authentic up close.

No Grids

Today, many homeowners are opting for no grids. This popular trend in window replacement offers a crisp and clean view without obstruction, and also makes windows easier to clean.

Other Window Options

In addition to the various styles of windows and dividers available, homeowners also have many other options for their replacement windows. The options are endless to truly customize the windows in your home to fit your every need.

Obscure Glass is a great option for a bathroom window. Obscure glass allows light into the room while providing privacy. 

Designer Glass styles ranging from stained glass to old-world style glass are available when a unique look is desired.

Blinds between the glass provides light control and privacy, and are often used in patio doors on the rear of a home. 

Window Tinting is available from most window manufacturers. 

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