Choosing Home Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing Home Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing Home Exterior Paint ColorsIf you have been thinking of painting your home's exterior, you have made a good choice to add value to your home. Choosing the color and finish for exterior paint is a fun project, but it can be a tough decision. Here are the basics to choosing home exterior paint colors. Choosing the right color can be the best way to complement your home's architecture and design. There are a few things to know about paint when having your home exterior painted. Let's start with the most obvious, choosing the best home exterior paint colors and finish.

Begin this phase of home improvement by picking a color scheme. Picking a color scheme means you simply choose colors that follow a pattern. Color schemes create style and appeal by creating an aesthetic feeling when used together. Basic color schemes will use two colors while more advanced color schemes involve several colors used together.

Follow the ratio of color
Remember to follow the ratio of color use. EXOVATIONS recommends the 60:30:10 ratio. This means the largest area of your home utilizes 60% of paint, followed by the roof and trim, at 30% of the paint and the remainder is typically architectural details at 10% of paint usage for your home.

The body or field area is considered the largest area of your home. Most people like to choose a neutral color for this area and take more of color variation on the trim. The roof and trim should utilize 30% of your paint. The color of the roof does not have to match the trim paint color exactly but should complimentary. The trim areas that are painted are fascia boards, gutters, window trim and entry doors. Architectural details make up for the remaining 10% of paint used. These details include shutters, doors, decorative molding, brackets, columns, porch decks and ceilings.

Choose a paint finish
Choosing a finish of paint is just as important as deciding on the color. For the body, typically a flat or satin paint is used. This hides imperfections, often times if your home has wood siding. Satin paint has a soft sheen and provides excellent long lasting UV protection. Satin can also be used on the body and trim. Semi-gloss is ideal for trim and architectural details, while a gloss is also ideal.

Always experiment with colors on your actual home before making the choice. Paint a large enough area to get a good idea of what the color will look like. Paint also dries different than when freshly painted, so make sure it is completely dry before making a final decision.

Clean and prep prior to painting
Always have your home professionally pressure washed prior to painting. Removing any dirt, debris or mold build up is essential to your home's exterior painting project looking the best it can. Before painting, the exterior surface should be dry prior to painting. Take a look at the weather forecast as well to ensure dry days post painting. Prepping the surface is also very important. Make sure to caulk doors, windows, corner boards, nail holes and any siding joints prior to painting. Not doing so can cause an irregular and sloppy looking paint job. Having a certified contractor to make the preparations or any repairs needed prior to painting is the best plan of action.

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The EXOVATIONS way to paint
We have a simplified way for customers to pick the exterior color of their home. Upon executing a contract, customers receive a coupon from our sales consultant. This coupon allows the customer to visit their local Sherwin Williams store and receive two free quart samples of paint to apply to their home. Once the colors have been selected, a paint selection sheet is completed. The paint selection sheet gives our sales consultants all the pertinent information needed regarding the locations of the exterior of their home to be painted. This will also cover the finish of the paint, whether it be flat, satin or gloss for each area. The project manager will request the paint selection sheet at the pre-construction meeting and will then assist the customer to fill out any additional information necessary.

If your home is in need of a fresh exterior paint job, please contact us for your free consultation. EXOVATIONS can make this process easy and seamless from start to finish!


Our team is dedicated to providing stress-free home exterior services on time and on budget. As a Georgia-based company, we have worked for years throughout these cities and their surrounding areas, building a reputation as a trustworthy remodeling company that customers can rely on. Our friendly staff is here to provide suggestions and resources to ensure the job gets done in the most efficient manner, so you can save time and energy when tackling your next project.

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