LeafX: No Clogs, No Cleaning

LeafX: No Clogs, No Cleaning

LeafX gutter protection means no clogged gutters.Clean gutters are an integral part of maintaining your home, but it usually finds its way to the bottom of your priority list. The task can be a dirty, all-day event and most homeowners wait to clean their gutters only when a problem has already occurred. What is the best way to end clogged gutters? Keep them protected and prevent the problem before it starts.

LeafX is the most advanced gutter protection system available for home installation. It provides homeowners with the luxury of no more clogs and no more cleaning. As if those two factors were not enough benefit, it also prevents erosion and drainage problems that may cause roof damage, mold growth and damage to the home's foundation.

LeafX has been tested and approved by engineers to handle the heaviest rainfall and the iciest conditions. Key features regarding the operations of LeafX include:

  • The nose-forward cover which extends past the gutter lip and allows water to flow freely through the gutter. While the water flows, it effectively washes leaves and other debris away, preventing clogs.
  • The flex-drain is customized to fit any type of roof pitch. It also allows additional water to flow through gaps located on the top of the drain, so excess water runs both vertically and horizontally.
  • LeafX's low-profile design allows your gutters to look harmonious with the rest of your home's design. The availability of matching colors can enhance your home's appearance.
  • The cover ridges causes water to fall in sheets rather than a stream. This is beneficial because it allows the system to take on the heaviest weather elements, including ice and snow.
  • Factory preset installation guides allows the fasteners to be undone, creating a seamless appearance.
    LeafX Gutter Protection by EXOVATIONS

    LeafX Gutter Protection by EXOVATIONS

LeafX only uses premium aluminum materials, creating the strongest and sturdiest gutter protection system available. EXOVATIONS installs LeafX system in just one to two days and fits new or existing gutters of any size and style. Of course, we recommend them with our true seamless gutters. Our mission at EXOVATIONS is to help you improve your home's exterior by making it fast, easy and convenient. We offer the LeafX gutter protection system to you in order to protect the exterior of your home, as well as remove the hassle of cleaning your gutters.

For more information regarding our services in the Atlanta area, contact us today and put an end to clogged gutters!

Fall means clogged gutters, but not if you have LeafX gutter protection.


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