Working at Exovations

Our customers say that our PEOPLE are a huge part of what creates our uniquely, positive remodeling experience!

Our Hiring Philosophy

Our Hiring Philosophy

To achieve the results we want, we recognize that we must have the right people in the right jobs; therefore, we hire people we know will produce the results our customers are looking for.
Our team of full-time, part-time and contractor professionals are each selected based on a set of stringent criterion including:

  • Optimistic attitude to succeed
  • Servant leadership
  • Coachable
  • Strong work ethic
  • Passion for results


WHAT DO WE DO? Design, Sell, and Install Siding, Windows/Doors, Roofing and Decks

WHY DO WE EXIST? Building Opportunities for a Better Life

HOW DO WE SUCCEED? Find, Hire, Develop and Retain great people

HOW DO WE BEHAVE? Unselfish/Integrity, Grit/Competitive, Love to Laugh