Front Door Styles

Cellular PVC windows are the no-rot alternative to wood windows.

Window and Door Units

Many homes have doors surrounded by windows to add a decorative touch and allow light into the entry way.  These windows are actually part of the entire door unit. The windows and door frame are “mulled” together to create the entryway. “Mulled” means that the frames of the door are attached to each of the windows to create the entryway. Sometimes these are referred to as “millwork window and door units”.

Door Sidelite Windows

A door sidelight is a vertical window that flanks a door. While most commonly used to enhance a home's front entrance, sidelights offer beauty and function to any exterior door where a visual emphasis is desired, or where additional light or visibility is needed.

The most common sidelite size is 12” wide, which offers the largest selection of glass options. 10” sidelites are found in certain areas of the country and manufacturers have increased the glass offerings for this size as well. Oversized sidelites are also available, and often require clear or obscure glass due to their unusual size. 

Sidelite Options

  • ½ glass: only half of the sidelite is glass and the lower ½ portion is a flat panel painted to match the trim or the door color.

  • ¾ glass: ¾ of the sidelite is glass leaving a small solid section at the bottom. This is a popular option for pet owners who want the light but don’t want nose prints on the lower glass.

  • ¼ glass: ¼ of the sidelite is glass at the top. This allows for privacy while still letting light into the space.This option is popular with the Craftsman ¼ glass door.

  • Single Door with Sidelites on both sides: A door with non-operable windows the height of the door on both sides.

  • Single Door with one sidelite: An entryway with limited space may only have one sidelite beside the door.

arch radius transom above front door
extended leg radius transom over door

Transom Windows

A transom window is the any window found directly over the top of a door. Transoms allow extra light into the entryway and make the space on the interior and exterior feel taller. 

Transom windows are available in several different shapes:

Rectangular Transom

Non-operable glass that covers the opening width of the door and the width of the sidelites.

Arch or Radius Transom

A perfect ½ circle over the width of door and sidelites.

Extended Leg Radius Transom

An arch window with legs.

Ellipse Transom

Rounded window not as tall as a perfect arch.

Palladian Transom Window

Combination window consisting of a large, arch-top center window flanked by two shorter rectangular windows.

All sidelites and transoms are available in leaded glass, clear glass, or obscure glass. 

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front door before and after photos - before picture
front door before and after photos - after picture
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