Do you have a room of your home that always feels dark?  Did you know that windows or doors can be cut in to create an entirely new feel to your home?

Upon purchasing my home, we fell in love with the lot, location, and layout but the house had one major problem.  The Master bedroom only had one window and the room was DARK.  We recently addressed the problem by having 3 windows cut into the wall.  I can’t believe the addition of windows made such a difference to our home.   The light can be seen from all the way down the hall.

Consulting with customers through Exovations, I’ve planned many wall modifications to let in light.  Each time, the room is transformed beyond imagination.  One customer had a brand new home with an amazing living room.  The problem was – no light.  She didn’t want to take up wall space where furniture could go with a window so we got creative and decided to add a window — a long window in over her couch.  Instead of hanging a picture, we installed a picture window framing an image of her yard.  The window is about 2 feet high and 8 feet wide.  This allowed the perfect amount of light into the room while not affecting her furniture configuration in any way.

As people live in their homes, they often expand the outdoor living space. The home was most likely designed with only one back door.  A large window can be converted into a door to add access to outdoor living areas.  Single doors can be converted into double doors either French (in-swing or out-swing) or sliding doors (now available to look like French doors).

Skylights are an option for adding light to a room as well.  Skylights however, potentially add a leak hazard to your roof.   It’s really best to install skylights only at the time of re-roofing your home.  This ensures that they are properly flashed and tied in to your roofing system.

Then there’s the other side of this conversation- removing a window or a door where you just don’t want one.  If you’re considering new siding for your home, this is a perfect time to “fill in” an unwanted door or window.  If the project is done properly, no one would ever know an opening existed.

One of my customers had a door in her bedroom that lead to “nowhere”.  There had once been a balcony outside her room but it was long gone.  The door was a safety hazard for her grandchildren however she didn’t want to lose the light it provided.  Along with replacing the siding on her home, we framed in the door and installed a window in its place solving the problem.

Another customer had an arch window that allowed light to glare into the home fading out floors and furniture.   A custom window treatment was required to cover the window.  Instead of the expense of custom window treatments, they chose to have us: remove the window, frame in the opening, and install siding over the space.  The elimination of the window solved the light problem and you would never know a window was ever there.

Eliminating or adding a door or window will create a drastic visual change to a home.  Each scenario is unique and completely custom.  Additional framing is always needed and often electrical work.  The type of siding as well as interior wall treatment will also be a factor in the renovation plan.  An experienced, licensed, and certified Contractor is highly recommended to make these changes.  The investment however is worth it.  The next time you go to turn on a lamp during the day just think – where could we put that window…



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