Popular Window Styles for your Home Remodeling Project

Popular Window Styles for your Home Remodeling Project

window style guide, guide to popular window stylesWindows are the gateway to the soul of a home. Windows say a lot about one's personality and style. They are the best way to let the natural lighting into your home with quick and easy installation. Investing in windows are just that, an investment. Replacement windows dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your home as well as improve the curb appeal of your home. Add the look of sophistication easily with replacement windows from EXOVATIONS.With so many styles to choose from - which will be best for your home? Let our window style guide help you make the decision a bit easier!

Double Hung WindowsEXOVATIONS Double Hung Windows
Double hung windows are made of two sashes or movable panels of glass. These panels of glass move up and down and are considered the traditional American window. New double hung windows are designed for the sashes to tilt inside the home for easy cleaning. Screens are available on these windows, depending on what kind of window you choose. Screens come in either ½ size or full screen.

EXOVATIONS Casement Windows

Casement Windows
If you're looking for the best window option for maximum ventilation, casement windows are the best choice. These windows crank open and offer air flow through the entire space for maximum air flow. Screens are also available but casement windows require the screen be installed on the interior of the house.

EXOVATIONS French Casement WindowsFrench Casement Windows
Following the same crank design as casement windows, French casement windows are European styled casement windows. This European styled window features two operating windows, instead of one that open outward using a crank handle. For an unobstructed view when open, French casement windows do not feature a center pole.

EXOVATIONS Awning WindowsAwning Windows
Also similar to casement windows, awning windows also contain a crank style to open the windows. The difference is awning windows hinge at the top and open toward the outside from the bottom. Made typically for small, limited exterior wall space areas, you will generally find awning windows located in cellars or basements.

EXOVATIONS Sliding WindowsSliding Window
With the opposite case of awning windows, sliding windows are a great solution to a large opening. If the width of the area is greater than the height, sliding windows are great options. In cases where a large metal window needs to be replaced, a sliding window will fill the space nicely offering a smooth action. Sliders come in a few different options. One option is as two lite sliders where both sides slide. Another option you may choose is a three lite slider with two operable sides and a stationary center. Most sliders are able to be upgraded to tilt in for easy cleaning and are available for with a ½ screens or full screen option.

EXOVATIONS Garden WindowsGarden Window
Garden windows are not just windows looking out to your garden; they allow you to have flowerpots, grow herbs or just have a display area right in your window! Garden windows are the perfect fit to over a kitchen sink. Garden windows have a small crank that allows air to flow through the sides for ventilating the shelf area.

EXOVATIONS Bay and Bow WindowsBay Window
If you've ever dreamed of creating an extra dimension to your living area room or perhaps the room that is an awkward space to begin with, install a bay or bow window to create this solution! Bay and bow windows project outside and add additional element to your room. It also creates a small seating area in the bottom of the window. Bay and bow windows are often a combination of operable and non-operable windows.

EXOVATIONS Picture WindowsPicture Window
Picture windows allow you to replace the traditional arch, palladian, octagon, trapezoid and circle windows with a more energy efficient window. Because picture windows can be made into many different shapes, these non-operable windows are the choice to make when going for the most light to come into a room. Having more light in a room makes the room appear larger.

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No matter which window style you choose, if EXOVATIONS is installing the windows, you can guarantee a beautifully finished product. Open a new window to your home's beauty with EXOVATIONS.


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