What Are Seamless Gutters?

What Are Seamless Gutters?

What are seamless gutters?Gutters are often times overlooked by home owners but are one of the most important aspects to a home's overall construction. Every home needs gutters for the main purpose of diverting water away from the foundation of the home. Traditional gutters that have not been properly installed can allow water to wash away the grading of the home, water then absorbs into the foundation, creating a big problem to the construction of the home.

The best way to combat this problem is to have true, seamless gutters installed on your home. What makes a true, seamless gutter? EXOVATIONS explains our seamless gutter system and why there is more to your home's gutters than meet the eye.

The next time you're outside your home, take a look up. If your gutters were installed prior to the purchase of the home, you may not know how well and by what process they were installed. It's important to know that gutters have evolved over the years. Originally made of galvanized steel or aluminum, this dense material becomes even heavier during a heavy rain or through clogging of debris. The old system of hanging gutters was no improvement to the material. A spike and ferrule system included a nail through the front and back of the gutter into the fascia board causing the gutters to sag and leak. Gutter seams are the first areas that begin to leak and incorrect location and number of downspouts can cause foundation erosion to occur over time.

These days, seamless gutters are the norm in exterior renovation, although not all seamless gutters are made equally. True seamless gutters are made and extruded on site, at the location of the gutter installation. Yes, seamless gutters can be manufactured off site and transported to the job location, but this is not the ideal or recommended technique. Gutters that are made off site must be moved to the installation location, causing risk of damage to the gutter during transport. Often times, gutters are tied down and carried on top of a truck where they risk the chance of being bent, dented and damaged from the wind and elements. There is also a limit to the length of the gutter due to transportation constraints, thus causing the gutters to be soldered together prior to installation.

Since true seamless gutters are made on site, it will look as if the EXOVATIONS team has arrived at your home empty handed. This is not the case, as the extrusion process begins from a large roll of standard 24 gauge aluminum mounted inside the truck. As the reel unwinds, our six inch gutters are formed. EXOVATIONS utilizes a six inch gutter with a three by four inch downspout. Through our nearly twenty years of experience, we have found this size best handles heavy water flow. There is no risk of dents or holes with gutters by EXOVATIONS because we custom fit the gutters to the length of your home.

Another difference that sets our seamless gutters apart from traditional gutters is the use of the hidden hanger system. As opposed to the spike and ferrule system, a hidden fastener exists inside the sleeve of the gutter. This creates a lateral load that will prevent the gutter from sagging during heavy rainfall or debris collection. To avoid cleaning your gutters ever again, EXOVATIONS recommends installing LeafX along with our seamless gutters.

Typically, the EXOVATIONS team can have a whole house fitted and installed with seamless gutters in less than a day. This includes removing existing gutters and improvements needed to the fascia board. Often times, our home exterior experts will choose to move downspouts from their original location to a more suitable position to maximize their capabilities.

EXOVATIONS seamless gutters are backed by our Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. When we say we say offer the best, professional installation service, we back that up with a guarantee on all of our work, seamless gutters included.

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