What are PVC Windows?One of the advantages of working with EXOVATIONS when improving your home's exterior is the amount of product options we provide our customers. We are able to give our customers several options for window replacement, one being cellular PVC. Let's explore the difference between vinyl windows and cellular PVC; both made from the same material yet a very different finished product.

You may be familiar with PVC or polyvinyl chloride; commonly used in plumbing or electrical items. PVC is also a leading material for windows. PVC is essentially a combination of different compounds (plasticizers and pigments.) The main difference between PVC windows and vinyl windows is the manufacturing processes used to make the window components. Vinyl replacement windows are very light, simply because the window components are extruded hollow chambers. Vinyl replacement windows are very common and are considered a simple way to replace your old windows.

EXOVATIONS provides a vinyl window also made from PVC although manufactured through a different process. Unlike the extruded hollow vinyl, the window components for cellular PVC windows are solid. Cellular PVC window components feature a foam or cell-structure inside. One advantage to replacing your windows with cellular PVC is that they can be nailed, sawn and fabricated like wood. These windows look exactly like wood windows and cellular PVC are stronger than extruded vinyl windows which are of the thinner material. Cellular PVC takes vinyl a step further in strength and durability.

The material is not the only difference to consider when choosing between vinyl and cellular PVC replacement windows. Both have different qualities that are important in your decision making process, but when when contemplating between vinyl and cellular PVC, consider the following factors when making your choice.

One major variation is the style difference between the two windows. Cellular PVC windows have the same architectural moldings as traditional wood windows and resemble real wood where vinyl replacement windows do not.

When it comes to design, vinyl replacement windows come in two shades, white and almond or tan. These windows are not manufactured to be painted making vinyl windows a good choice for spaces where color is not a deciding factor. If you are replacing windows and wish to match your home's trim, cellular PVC windows would be the better choice.

If going for energy efficiency, cellular PVC is one of the best choices available. U Value measures how well the window insulates and cellular PVC scores extremely well with a U Value of .48. This is established by the National Fenestration Rating Council which helps consumers compare the performance of windows, doors and skylights.

EXOVATIONS is here to help you decide which replacement windows will work best for your home. We are able to answer any questions you may have and provide you with at-home consultation. Contact EXOVATIONS to schedule a free quote today!


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