Seven Reasons to Give Your Home a Facelift

Seven Reasons to Give Your Home a Facelift

7 reasons to give your home a faceliftUpdating the exterior of your home is one way to revitalize your lived in home or a new home you have just purchased. When selling your home, remember many first time home buyers have trouble looking past the exterior of a home. They don't always realize stucco can be changed to beautiful siding and a rotted deck can be transformed using composite decking. Also, many homeowners focus on interior and neglect to think about their home's exterior appearance.

If you have been contemplating the next renovation to your home, here are a few reasons to go ahead and give your home the exterior makeover it deserves. It may be time for a home facelift!

Your Roof Is On Borrowed Time
If your roof is weathered and worn because it was installed 20 years ago, it's time to look at roof replacement. The "average lifespan" of a roof varies between different materials and the weather conditions in your area. If your roof is made of modified bitumen, expect your roof to last 10-16 years, for 3-tab shingles, expect 13-16 years. If you roof is of a darker color, which absorbs more heat, expect a shortened lifespan.

EXOVATIONS only works with GAF roofing shingles and materials. With GAF, there is no shortage to color variety and durability. We offer Limited Lifetime Shingles choices from GAF. Remember, for insurance purposes and to avoid more damage to your roof, don't let just anyone on your roof. Beyond materials and most importantly, make sure your roofing contractor is a certified installer. Take advantage of the tremendous curb appeal that a new roof can offer.

Paint is peeling, time to change the color of your house
Paint can often take the number one spot when reasoning with home renovations. The average lifespan of paint is about seven years. When it's time to paint the exterior of your home, why not change the color? When painting is a must, choose quality lifetime paint and don't forget a good primer coat. You have wanted to change the color of your home for a while, so what better time than now to do it! If you want to keep the white trim, consider a move away from stark white, to a "Mother of Pearl" or "Linen". This will add warmth to your home. Paint is an instant change and gratification to your home's exterior.

EXOVATIONS only uses premium paint products. We always prep the work area by pressure washing and re-caulking all areas that require extra attention - such as doors, windows, nail holes and corner boards. If your home has lead paint on the exterior, it is extremely vital to hire a contractor who is certified to work with lead paint, as of 2010, it is U.S. law.

It's scorching in the summer and freezing in the winter
Your single pane windows have been painted time and time again. The builder grade windows are fogged and you're ready for lower electric bills. All signs point to window replacement! New windows make an old home feel new and result in tremendous increase in curb appeal. The return on investment will make you smile when you open the electric bill each month. While an interior kitchen or bath remodel are always popular upgrades, replacing windows can have an 80% return on investment.

EXOVATIONS doors and windows meet the energy efficient regulations for ENERGY STAR. There are many benefits to energy efficient windows and doors, one being the most obvious, substantially reducing heating and cooling costs seasonally. Other benefits include an overall improvement in home comfort and reduction in fading on furnishings and flooring.EXOVATIONS Request a Free Quote

Update the front door, the focal point of your home
Your front door is where you welcome guests into your home and one of the first aspects people notice. This is the focal point of your house, where your guests wait after the door bell is rung. What are they looking at before you let them in? The beautifully, handcrafted wreath for one, but mainly your guests are looking at the door that welcomes them. Has the sun faded the polyurethane finish and it's time to re-stain? Small changes can make big differences. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

There are so many door styles to choose from with EXOVATIONS and front doors aren't our only specialty. From sliding doors, hinged doors and French doors, the possibilities of improving your home's entry ways are possibly endless. Let's close one door and open another, a stylish new door by EXOVATIONS.

Paint won't save your siding
Rather than apply a new coat of paint on siding that needs more, go ahead and make the switch to fiber cement such as hardie plank or vinyl siding. Replacing your siding will more than upgrade the look of your home. As if you didn't need another reason to replace your siding, according to Remodeler Magazine in 2010 and 2011, siding replacement has consistently yielded an 88% return on investment, higher than any other interior or exterior project!

EXOVATIONS is proud to be part of the James Hardie® Elite Preferred Remodeler Program. We have met specific requirements to earn this honor, with the highest level of service and customer satisfaction. James Hardie® fiber cement siding is made to withstand cracking, rotting, hail damage and other problems for up to 50 years.

You watch rain overflow out of your undersized gutters
Get rid of your old four or five inch gutters and replace them with high capacity six inch seamless aluminum gutters with internal hangers. Not enough can be said regarding the importance of proper installation of new gutters. Gutters have come a long way in recent years - you can even choose a gutter color to contrast with your home's trim. Bronze or dark color gutters that match your shutters, front door or roof are extremely popular. The clean look of new gutters and no maintenance gutter protection will add increased curb appeal and peace of mind in protecting your new siding from water run-off from your roof.

EXOVATIONS only provides seamless gutters that are made on site. True seamless gutters are made right from our seamless gutter truck, at your home and are fit to the length of your home exactly. Seamless gutters should never be made off-site and then transported to your home. This risks damage to the gutter before they are even installed to your home.

Your focus has been interior renovations - time to look outside
It's already been stated that new siding will yield the highest return on investment for any renovation. Consider how important first impressions are and remember the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. If you are selling your home, the outside of your home is often more important to potential buyers. If your home's interior is full of upgrades, you first have to entice buyers to get inside. Gorgeous granite counter tops will charm potential buyers, but not those who drive past your home. Don't forget the outside will draw people in.

To see how your home could potentially look before one strike of the hammer, EXOVATIONS provides our customers with the option of EXOVISION. Preview your home's elevation transformation by seeing it before you EXOVATE it!

It's never been disputed that the right location will sell a house. If you bought your house for the location and have never loved the look or you have tackled the interior obstacles but closed your eyes to the exterior, it's time for the exterior to be given its proper recognition. Your home's exterior is an empty canvas of possibilities. If you like the location of your home, get serious about liking the look of it as well. Contact us to schedule a free consultation for your home facelift!


Our team is dedicated to providing stress-free home exterior services on time and on budget. As a Georgia-based company, we have worked for years throughout these cities and their surrounding areas, building a reputation as a trustworthy remodeling company that customers can rely on. Our friendly staff is here to provide suggestions and resources to ensure the job gets done in the most efficient manner, so you can save time and energy when tackling your next project.

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