When your roof is leaking due to age or storm damage, you need a qualified, full-service residential roofing specialist to solve those roofing problems quickly.

In business for more than twenty years, EXOVATIONS® is Georgia’s trusted roofing contractor. We use only the highest quality residential roofing systems to protect and add beauty to your home.

Diagnosing Your Roof Problems

EXOVATIONS’ certified professionals can inspect your roof to help determine the cause of any roof problems you are experiencing. The shingles on an older roof may be in poor condition as they reach or exceed their lifespan. Storm, wind, and hail damage may have loosened, cracked or dislodged shingles. Leaks can result from improperly installed flashing or underlayment. The boots around your vent pipes can become brittle and cracked over time. It’s even possible that shingles could fail prematurely due to a manufacturer’s defect.

Whatever the cause of the leak, if water gets in, it can damage deck boards, shorten the life of your roof, and create unsightly stains and damage to your interior ceilings. EXOVATIONS’ roofing experts will examine your roof without causing additional damage to existing shingles. And there is never any charge for us to come out and take a look—our roof inspections are performed at no charge.

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When You Need a New Roof

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If a roof replacement is called for, our professional roofing installers use the best roofing installation practices and follow rigorous procedures to ensure your complete satisfaction. It is mandatory that our roofing crews leave your property cleaner than when we arrived. As part of your roofing job:

  • We will protect landscaping, decks, heat pumps, air conditioner compressors, and other exterior features.
  • We will inspect and replace damaged roof decking and flashing.
  • Your roof replacement will include installation of an ice and water shield, new underlayment, new J-Style drip edges and vent pipe boots.
  • Our certified installers apply your new shingles, ventilation, and ridge caps shingles per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • After the roof is installed, we use magnets to make sure all nails are removed from around the home.
  • We remove and dispose of old shingles, underlayment, damaged roof decking, and other debris.

How Much Should a New Roof Cost?

As a homeowner, you need complete visibility into the cost of replacing your roof. During your EXOVATIONS roof consultation, we will inspect your roof for damage, draw a sketch of your roof, and take measurements to calculate how much material will be needed. Then we will show you samples of the roofing materials we use and explain how your new roof will be applied. We will discuss the various lines of shingles available, and explain the difference in pricing. We will also describe how long the project should take and how the work will be performed.

The price for your roof will depend on factors like the size of your roof and the materials you select, but our price quote will be clear, detailed and easy to understand. All roofing quotes from EXOVATIONS are free of charge and we offer a competitive price guarantee.

For full transparency, if you plan to make an insurance claim to cover the cost of your new roof, you will be the primary contact for your insurance adjustor and all checks from your insurer will be made out to you. 

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Payment Options for Your New Roof

If you have leaks, the last thing you want to do is risk further damage while you sort out how to finance a new roof. We provide financing options and flexible payment plans so you can take care of roofing problems without delay. Contact our office for more information.

How to Select the Best Roofing Product for your Home

At EXOVATIONS, we will replace your roof with one that will not only last, but that will also enhance the appearance of your home. We carry a full line of 3-tab shingles and architectural shingles to complement all styles of homes.

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Licensed, Insured, and Manufacturer-Certified Roofing Contractor

EXOVATIONS is a state-licensed Georgia roofing contractor, and all of our teams are fully insured. Because we are certified by the manufacturer of the roofing systems we install, you can rest assured that when the job is completed, the manufacturer’s full warranty will protect your investment. Additionally, EXOVATIONS guarantees our work with a limited lifetime workmanship warranty, for even greater peace of mind.

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